Whole Body Cryotherapy

A safe & private cold therapy experience that can help refresh the body’s muscles

Come try our state-of-the-art two-chamber full body cryotherapy room! At The Feel Better Lounge, we provide clients with a private, luxurious experience. Come feel the amazing benefits of cryotherapy for yourself.

Cryotherapy at The Feel Better Lounge

What to Expect:

Our two-stage cryotherapy chamber is located in a private room so you can enjoy your cold therapy treatment in privacy. After ensuring that you are wearing proper protection for your extremities and picking a song to listen to, you will enter the first cryotherapy chamber. This chamber is considered the “pre-chamber” and while the temperatures are still sub-zero it is about 30 degrees warmer than the secondary “cold chamber.” This pre-chamber will help you to make the transition from normal temperature outside the cryotherapy chamber to the cold chamber. During your session, your body should never come into contact with any cold surfaces or liquids.

What to Wear:

Our full body cryotherapy is COLD, really cold. For the ideal experience, we ask that you remain clothed or in your undergarments during your cryotherapy session with closed toed shoes and socks. While you are welcome to remove your shirt or pants, we kindly ask that all private areas remain covered throughout your entire session. You are welcome to wear either compression or exercise gear into the cryotherapy chamber. Please remove or cover all jewelry and metal piercings before entering the pre-chamber. You will be provided with, gloves, a mask, and headphones to be able to pick out your favorite song.

Benefits of Cryotherapy:

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Sports Recovery

Studies have shown cryotherapy sessions to have numerous benefits for athletes including:

  • Fighting inflammation
  • Reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Reducing injury/recovery time
  • Boosting natural energy
  • Boost natural endorphin release
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Pain/Injury Relief

Cryotherapy can have many amazing benefits for those who suffer from chronic pain or are trying to recover from injury such as:

  • Reducing symptoms of chronic pain
  • Reducing chronic inflammation
  • Improving post-operative recovery
  • Improving muscular fatigue
  • May help to relieve pain due to menstrual cramping
  • Relieving pain from joint disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia
  • Cryotherapy immediately after workouts has been shown to be effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
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Cryotherapy can have some fantastic aesthetic benefits including:

  • Increasing of natural collagen production which can reduce cellulite and benefit certain skin conditions
  • Reduction of common signs of aging
  • Supporting hair and nail growth
  • Increasing metabolism (studies suggest between 500-800 calories can be burnt as a response from one WBC session)
  • Weight Management
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Mental Health

Benefits from whole-body cryotherapy sessions are not only physical but may have positive impact on mental health, such as:

  • Improving mood and experience of wellbeing
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Shown to be effective in aiding with depression and anxiety disorders
  • Benefitting sleep disorders


While cryotherapy is considered a safe treatment it may not be the right option for those with specific health conditions. Some individuals who cryotherapy is not recommended includes but is not limited to:

  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • Those with hypertension – BP > 180/100
  • Individuals with heart conditions
  • Individuals with respiratory conditions
  • Individuals with seizure disorders

*It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before trying cryotherapy, especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

Cryotherapy FAQs:

Do I need to shower before or after full body cryotherapy?

Please avoid showering right before the use of a full body cryotherapy session as having wet hair and skin is not allowed in the cryotherapy chamber. This is because water will almost instantly freeze at the low temperatures inside. Cryotherapy is a completely dry process that will not leave you wet. After your cryotherapy session it is not required to shower – in fact it is better to allow your body to warm itself back up instead of taking a hot shower.

How often can I do cryotherapy?

You can safely do full body cryotherapy sessions every single day, however we recommend 2-5 sessions a week for optimal results. Speak with one of our wellness mentors and learn more about implementing cryotherapy into your wellness routine to fit your specific goals and needs.

Is it safe to inhale inside the cryotherapy chamber?

It is safe to inhale the fumes inside our cryotherapy chamber because our cryotherapy chamber is a nitrogen-free unit! This means that inside is oxygen that is being cooled down using electricity instead of liquid nitrogen. It is important to ask to make sure it is safe to inhale the fumes in other full body cryotherapy chambers before use.

How long will I be cold for?

You will start to feel a chill in the pre-chamber portion of the full body cryotherapy chamber as you spend 30 seconds adjusting to sub-zero temperatures. After this initial 30 seconds you step into the cold chamber and will stay in there for 2-3 minutes. This can be intense for first time users so some find it helpful to build up to 3-minute sessions.

Typically, in the last minute of your treatment you will feel the coldest and some report feeling “pins and needles”. However, you will quickly warm back up in a few minutes after treatment. Those who have done cryotherapy repeatedly over time say that it becomes easier to last the full 3 minutes as you do more sessions.

What is the longest I can stay in full body cryotherapy?

Our cryotherapy sessions are at a maximum 3 minutes long, however most people have to build up to be able to make it 3 minutes. Typically, our full body cryotherapy sessions are 2-3 minutes in length.

Do I listen to music during my full body cryotherapy session?

You are provided with headphones and can pick which music you would like to listen to during your full body cryotherapy session. Listening to music makes getting through your first couple cryotherapy sessions much easier as it acts as a distraction to the cold temperatures.

Still have questions about our Cryotherapy treatments? We’d love to hear from you!

Our experts have years of experience in providing these safe & effective treatments. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or hesitations, please reach out to us today!

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