Read some of our most frequently asked questions from clients below.

What if I don't know what treatments I need to help me feel better?
It can be tough to know exactly what services might be beneficial for you and that’s where our team can help you out.
Can I receive more than one treatment in a single visit?
YES! And NO… This will depend on the treatments you are looking to pair together. For example, some IV’s that contain medication may not be suitable for someone who has received other treatments that same day.
What services are available at The Feel Better Lounge?
We offer a wide range of services from IV hydration and nutritional therapy, IM injections, performance recovery, massage, aesthetics services, stretch therapy, oxygen therapy, and weight management services.
What is the difference between the different IV therapies?
Each individual IV formula has its own specific health benefits from promoting hair and nail health to immunity support. If you have questions about a specific IV treatment or are looking for a specific result please call and talk with one of our associates.
What other lounge amenities are available to visitors?
There are a number of items available to visitors to enjoy during their time in the lounge including massage devices and an oxygen bar.
What is the easiest way to schedule an appointment?
While many of our services are available for walk-ins, you can always reserve a time slot either through our website or by calling our office at (804) 249-8887.